Digital Markeing Course

Digital Marketing Course

The importance of digital marketing cannot be denied with the entire world getting online. No matter you run an individual business or an established organization or a start-up company, this digital marketing can create you an opportunity to make your presence in a competitive way. With the digital marketing gaining more attention the need for digital marketers and other professionals is also increasing in the industry. This has made the digital marketing companies to hire qualified digital marketing professionals with relevant certifications from a reputable SEO training institute Chennai.

365Technologies exhibits us as a fast growing SEO training institute Chennai producing most qualified digital marketing personnel who could efficiently handle any types of projects, regardless of its complexities. We pay personal attention to every individual candidate and thus try to create direct interactions during the Digital Marketing training. Our quality of training can be realized from the increasing numbers of candidates joining our Digital Marketing training institutes, especially through referrals. This proves our success whilst ensuring that we are on the right path towards developing the professionals.

Our Digital Marketing Course will teach you everything that you should learn to excel in your chosen career. Our curriculum includes:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website development
  • Mobile media marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics and more

Our digital marketing training will encourage every potential candidate get on the right path towards their career. It also best suits those who want to switch their career from sales to digital marketing. Undeniably, our digital Marketing Course can make you become knowledgeable, skilled and advanced in the chosen career and excel with good growth. In addition to it, your chances to earn a higher salary is also guaranteed by our training program.

Our digital marketing training is highly affordable and anyone can choose to pursue at low cost. Perhaps the quality of our training is never compromised and you will gain a better experience of learning from our instructors who are the industry experts.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus Latest :

  •   Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy & Channels
  •   Module 2: Google My Business – Dominating Local SEO
  •   Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •   Module 4: Google Webmasters & Analytics
  •   Module 5: Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  •   Module 6: Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  •   Module 7: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  •   Module 8: YouTube & Video Marketing

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